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Hola! My name is Arthur, welcome to my treehouse!

I am what people call a photographer, a cameraman and an editor.

I studied audiovisual communication, design and social anthropology in Germany and Spain. My passion for capturing and editing (moving) pictures often meets with the desire to travel the world and immerse in foreign cultures. This digital treehouse is a home for the products of my creative work.

14 years ago my father bought his first digital camera which he seldomly used. I kinda snitched it which led me not only to point and shoot occasionly but rather to fall into a deep and honest passion and love for still and moving pictures. I started documenting my whole life, the lives of my friends, my first experiences and all my surroundings – both in image and in movie form. In the beginning this led to rather humorous movies with friends (which obviously didn’t find its‘ place onto this website).

This power grew like a seed which then flourished into my first DSLR with custom lenses – the rather outdated Nikon D60 which definitely reached its‘ technical limits. Still I’m honestly convinced that apart from the piece of plastic and glass in a photographers‘ hands the only important thing the artist needs is this particular talent to immerse into the environment and push the trigger at the right magical moment.

All this love to photography itself and to cinema always made me curious about producing moving pictures and led to several productions, sometimes disguised as products of boredom or tasks for university and sometimes disguised as jobs for different institutions.

If you have any questions or issues you like to discuss please feel free to head over to the  CONTACT page. Enjoy your stay!